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Molecular visualization: Chimera PYMOL or VMD. I will expect you to download and learn to use a program to visualize proteins. There are several good programs (see Useful web sites for several). I will give you guidance for Chimera and PYMOL. A chimera is a good tool and easy to learn.

When you get your protein please look for it here: membrane proteins of known structure  (if you can’t find your protein on that list let me know)

Play with this: FOLDITat home – A computer game that lets you fold proteins

Please look at Useful web sites frequently. Things that did not seem important at first will become useful as the class progresses.

Suggested books (see me)
Cell Biology will be more of an over view
Biochemistry will have more specific info on proteins

I will be taking information from these books
Creighton: Proteins
Darby and Creighton: Protein Structure
Introduction to Protein Science. Brandon and Tooze
An introduction to hydrogen bonding: George Jeffrey
The hydrophobic effect: Tanford
Atoms and Molecules: Karplus and Porter
Nicholls: Bioenergetics

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