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Homework is pass/fail. If you do not get at least 70% you should resubmit the problems you got wrong. Do not give me raw print-outs or a huge amount of numbers. For example, I don’t want a list of every homologous protein. Rather tell me how many there are. Do they fall into interesting classes-how many from bacteria or higher animals? Are they from different organs? Are there lots of mutants? If you are lost for how to organize your findings ask each other or ask me in person or by email.

Before doing anything Please send me an email so I have your email address.
Major and year:
Number of years of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics you have taken
Are you doing independent research – If yes who is your mentor.
Do you have specific areas of interest that might relate to this class?
Do you have a specific protein that you are interested in?

On doing homeworkTyped is nice if you have long answers – otherwise you can write it in by hand. Please put your answers to the Dropbox folder we have made for you. Your homework will be graded based on the date you have put in the Dropbox. If you are submitting a picture of your handwriting homework, please make sure image must be clearly readable otherwise homework will be counted as unsubmitted.

I do not want long sections cut form the web. Shorter and directed to answer the question is better.

Writing a review paper is very important in this class. Here is a link you need to know before you start writing.

Section 1: Proteins and Motifs: Homework section I

Section 2: Forces and Folding: Homework section II

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