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1-: Lecture 1: Introduction:
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Before class 2: 
–download a molecular modeling program I will use Chimera but PYMOL or VMD are also fine. Try to look at yeast cytochrome c (2ycc.pdb) if you can. 
–Look at Oxidative Phosphorylation at the fin de siecle (I handed this out as well). Come prepared to class having written down 5 questions you have about this paper. I will collect these questions and use them for our discussion.
–I will assign proteins from the classes of intramembrane electron and proton transfer proteins; ion channels and pumps; and molecular motors. 
— You should look at the paper by Gadsby for an introduction to ion channels and pumps; and to reviews on molecular motors and on myosin. An online textbook for nerve transmission.

2-: Lecture 2: Mitochondria, biological energy, electron tunneling overview; proton transfers; cofactors:
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3-: Lecture: Amino acid properties; peptide bonds; secondary structure: 
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4-:Lecture: Protein folds and families:
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5-: Membranes and the difference between membrane and soluble proteins: 
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Papers of interest
Membrane and proteins. paper
Inserting proteins into membranes. paper 
Rocking motion to allow substrates to cross the membrane. paper

6-: Thermodynamics 1st lecture: 
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7-:   Thermodynamics 2nd lecture:
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For presentation, you can use this as a template:  template,  template 2

8-: pK lecture:
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